Colleges of Applied Sciences,Ibri
Oman Chamber of Commerce, Al Dhahirah Branch

jointly organizes

Technology & Economy for Sustainable Development

The second academic and economic forum...

20th-22nd March'2017

      TESD'2017 is a national level academic and economic forum jointly organized by Colleges of Applied Sciences,Ibri and Oman Chamber of Commerce,Al Dhahirah branch.
    The main objective of this event is to identify and incorporate innovative technologies in all the verticals of the business industry.
        TESD'2017 will serve as a platform for all the top minds to share their knowledge & experiences for the sustainable development of Sultanate of Oman's economy and future.
   College of Applied Sciences- Ibri is one of the six colleges of Applied Sciences at the sultanate which are under supervision of Ministry of Higher Education.
  In early 90s, the colleges started as medium colleges under supervision of Ministry of Education which granted Diploma degree.
    In 1995 and according to the Royal Decree (79/95), the colleges were transferred into the colleges of Education under supervision of Ministry of Higher Education.
       Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) was established on 15th May 1973 as a public utility organization that aim at regularizing the business interests , develop , defend and represent them at the different fields.        
 OCCI has its own juristic personality with its head office in Muscat and branches in all governorates.